Luis Cabezas López


Estudio del architecto Luis Cabezas López

Development and management of projects and works in the fields of architecture, town planning and property development.
Our performance management encompasses the integrated management, development and implementation of the project, besides the job site management.

The conditions and parameters of the start of the project are analyzed from the standpoint of sustainability and environmental impact assessing all the implications and issues relating to cost, quality and execution times.

Our team consists of specialized professionals:

Senior architects.
Technical architects.
Industrial engineers.
Telecommunications engineers.
Biologists (environmental assessment).

Project Management: integrated management of projects.
Construction Management: integrated management of the construction.
Monitoring projects.
Files for probate.
Environmental impact studies.
Court expert.
Real estate appraisals and valuations.

Consulting Services

Managing the professional visas.
Urban management in the municipalities for processing licenses and permits.
Management agencies and supply companies for water and electricity.

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